Display Advertising

Display Vertical Channel Ads are placed on targeted, established sites with local and national reach. Ad sizes include 300×250, 728×90, and 160×600 with the options of visual technology and rich media. Unique site list per Vertical, campaign optimization, and web-based reporting are included.

Custom Channel Display Ads are developed and available as listed above; however, site lists are customized to the advertiser with more filters making the ads more targeted to increase CTR (Click Thru Rates), sales conversions, coupon downloads and/or lead generation. Daily optimization and customized reporting are available. Front-end transparency reports included and back-end reports are available. Reports include clicks, CTRs and daily time spent.

Custom Channel Video is a Custom Channel Display Ad that incorporates Video. Generally, videos are 10 or 15 seconds in length, user-initiated and provide click thru capabilities to the advertiser’s website. Through the use of sight, sound and emotion, Video Ads are an excellent medium for introducing customers to or informing them about your product/service.

Behavioral Targeting Ad Campaigns follow the users, not the sites. These campaigns track and follow the Internet behaviors of the “shopper”.

Rich Media includes Video Banners, Video In-Steam, Microsites, App Banners, Widgets, Expanding Banners and Floating Banners.