TV Production

Look no further for quality TV production. We’ve been producing TV spots for decades. Our staff has produced thousands of local TV commercials during the course of their career. As The Rogers Agency, we’ve produced hundreds of local commercials in-house. Our extensive knowledge of the industry and experience with buying and placing TV spots consistently ends in success for our clients. We’ll tailor TV production and placement to fit any budget, whether large or small. Take a look at some of the TV spots we produced below or head over to our portfolio page to see more.

As a mass medium, TV can work effectively to reach highly sought after demographics. Television has high reach potential, high frequency and it’s among the most cost efficient of all mediums.  Today, viewers access television via their computer, cable, satellite and digitally. Statistics indicate that television viewership is still much higher than streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. So for those who think that no one watches TV anymore, it’s important to remember that currently the numbers say something different.

Hatchett Design Remodel – Home Is A Feeling :30


TPMG – Our Reason :30 TV Spot

Select Automotive

ECCO Sunroom & Awning – Rain


Radio has become a combination of broadcast, digital, and satellite. It is unique in its ability to broadcast messages intrusively at a high frequency yet target specific demographics. We produce radio spots in-house and place them in a way that gets results. Listen to a few of our spots below.